Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Beginning

A couple of months ago, 'round about Wep Renpet, my husband and I moved with our two cats from Dallas, Texas to a cute little town outside Boston, Massachusetts. Happy New Year to us!

We've been renting basement space from friends, but the cramped conditions mean we're all under each other's feet and we have to get a place of our own. We are looking at renting a place just a few blocks away with one of my husband's coworkers as a roommate. It's a whole lot more expensive than I am comfortable with, but the extra space would give us some additional income options. I would have a good-sized room to use as a studio, so I could teach a small bellydance class, or make and sell costumes. My husband can tutor art students. We can host a life drawing group.

Now the goth in me wants to host a death drawing group...

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